Why We LOVE First Looks!

The first look photos are becoming more and more popular lately, and personally, I LOVE them! I think that its allows for a sweet, intimate moment between the couple before they say "I do" in front of friends and family.

Perks of doing a first look:
1. The first time you see your husband/wife will be just between the two of you. You won't have to worry about hiding or concealing the water works when you first lay eyes on the other from down the aisle. Often times, emotions are more pure and true when you're not worried about the way you appear in front of others. Plus, it will allow you to take it all in and share some time together before everyone arrives! 

2. It's a time saver! Scheduling your first look and bridal party portraits BEFORE the ceremony allows more time to take pictures with the family and mingle in between the ceremony and reception. No more being rushed or having your guests wait around for you to be announced. More time for cocktails = more time to party! 

3. Lastly, more pictures! It's an extra chance to get some more portraits in, and who doesn't love that!