5 Tips for Shooting in the Rain

One of a bride or groom's worst nightmares is a torrential downpour on the day of their wedding. Living in Buffalo, NY, I've come to expect that the weather will not be as it was predicted by the local weatherman on the news that morning. It could be sunny & 75 in the middle of March or a city-wide power outage due to a snow storm in the middle of October...

The most important thing is to be prepared! Plan and over pack for any situation you might encounter because chances are, the day you don't have an extra umbrella is going to be the day you need it the most!

Here are some tips & tricks I've learned from experience to make the most out of a rainy wedding day:

1. Your camera NEEDS to be protected. You can purchase nylon covers that slip right over your camera and lens and secure with adjustable strings to fit any size lens you are using. If you don't have one, rip a hole in a plastic bag for your lens to fit through and voila!

2. Porches and awnings are your best friend! Make the most out of your surroundings and duck under any covering you can find. The tops of steps work nicely as well.

3. Always have a white or clear umbrella that you can use for fun photos! If your couple is adventurous, take them out in the middle of the rain and use the umbrella as a prop.

4. Include the rain in your photos! You can use your flash on -2 to -3 stops or backlight it in order to make the drops appear more visible. The dreary weather is part of their story so capture some photos to make it clear that, although it technically "rained on their parade", it is still one of their most important memories!

5. Look for reflections! Reflection shots are perfect for adding a creative element and it will provide more visual variety that wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the rain.