What To Wear To A Portrait Session

Of course I want all my clients to look and feel their best during any kind of portrait session whether it be maternity, engagement, senior portraits - whatever! I've created this short list of insight that I've learned from shooting portraits over the years.

Dress appropriately for the weather. I know we've all seen photos of people in a t-shirt and jeans in the middle of winter, but trust me, if you're cold and miserable it will show in photos no matter how hard you try. You will look just as cute in a cozy jacket and scarf.

Keep it timeless. With how quickly trends fade in fashion, you are going to want to choose an outfit that you won't look back at in ten years and say "What was I thinking?!" Try adding a little funk and personality with your accessories, jewelry or shoes instead!

Layer Up. Layers are always a great alternative to full-on outfit changes. Consider wearing a sweater or cute jean jacket over your outfit and taking some photos with or without it. It will add variety without cutting into shooting time! With little kids, this is especially important because they run the show so time really is everything.

Location, Location, Location. Consider where you want to take portraits and work your outfit around that to create a little theme. For example, if you plan to take portraits near the beach, avoid wearing sneakers and bulky clothing.

Bring props to add variety. They don't need to be used in every shot, but props can be a fun way to incorporate your personality and make your portrait session unique. Some fun props I like are: balloons, hats, a sign (save the date/thank you), a cute plaque with a saying, books, string lights, picnic blankets...

Stage an activity you both enjoy. If you met your fiance rollerskating at the park, let's recreate it! If your family loves to chat over s'mores around a campfire, count me in! This is a great way to get beautiful photos of you that reflects an important part of your relationships.

What Not to Wear:
ā€“ Exact matching outfits
- A light colored top paired with light colored bottoms
^ Same goes for dark on dark
ā€“ Anything with large, distracting logos. Simple is best
- Anything that YOU don't feel comfortable in!

But, most importantly... Have FUN! As long as you feel comfortable and beautiful, the photos we create will reflect just that!