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Fresh Start | Buffalo Wedding + Portrait Photographer | 2019

Hi there! It’s been a while since I’ve visited this blog + honestly I miss it! Writing is one of my creative outlets + I made a goal for 2019 to get back into it. Along with a little re-branding, I’ve decided to make a fresh start with this blog as well. My aim is to post as much of my work as I can keep up with (fellow photographers, you feel me) as well as some helpful + personal posts. I spend so much time getting to know my potential clients from the very first inquiry, it’s only fair that I share just as much about me, too! What better way to start than to introduce myself + how this whole thing got started?!

I started my business on a whim back in 2014 + haven’t looked back since! I graduated college that May with a degree in Photojournalism + my goal was to head straight for National Geographic (honestly, that would be a dream). I had worked with a few local wedding photographers over the years but the idea of starting my own business seemed so far out of reach, it wasn’t even on my radar. In October I received an email from someone asking me to photograph their wedding + I dove right in. I trust my intuition + felt so strongly that I was being called to do this so honestly, I never questioned it. I knew what I needed to do (all the paperwork, legalities, contracts, etc), so I put in the work + made it happen.

Not everything needs to stem from some grand realization or dream that you cook up for years before making it happen. My story is far different but the passion is the same. I’m thankful for that one email from my very first clients that gave me the push I didn’t know I needed. Though my work has evolved + my weddings now look vastly different than they did in 2015, it is still one of my favorites. I remember how anxious I was, I showed up over an hour early just in case I got lost. I remember how sweet Jenny + Shaun were together, especially during their first look. I remember everyone rushing to the dance floor when Walk The Moon’s “Shut up and Dance” came on. But most of all, I remember feeling that this was exactly where I needed to be.

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